St. Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church

The History of St. Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church

St Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church was founded in October 1992. The establishment int Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church was founded in October 1992. The establishment was started as "Bronson Outreach" on Edwards Street at the Tent Hall and later moved to 602 Mann Street.

Mother Ida Johnson and Mother Gloria Clark founded this location, Elder Roosevelt Elliott examined and performed renovations on the church. Meanwhile, Bro. John Williams purchased much needed equipment. In 1993, Dr. Robert Bronson by the leading of the Holy Spirit joined the Full Gospel Fellowship International under Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton,

thus Saint Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church was founded, and set sail to spread the message of Jesus the Christ throughout nations.

For the last 26 years, Saint Paul of Fayetteville has made continuous strides to continue to set out what the Lord has assigned us to do in the Earth. In just four years of existence, in 1997; the charter members along with some other keynote members paid the mortgage off for the church. This was just another sign, wonder and testament to the will of God.

Saint Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church had started to make it's mark on what God saw fit across the Cumberland and Hoke County area and region.

Dr. Bronson continued to use his charismatic preaching ability, skill and anointing to levy the weight of Jesus on the heart of man so that they might know him in the parting of their sins. Under Saint Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church, many came to know Christ and departed to serve because of the establishment of God's kingdom in the Earth.

n 1999, Saint Paul saw more renovations as the climate of church administration grew. The Board of Trustees saw fit for the Pastor's office to be added and the church to undergo needed changes.

Then soon after, again in 2000, the Board engaged another idea of building a fellowship hall for meals, gatherings and other unique events and programming the ministry would host and sponsor.

In just 7 years of existence, Saint Paul grew fast, mighty and wonderful because the obedience of the congregation and leaders. It was no secret as to how the church was and still is growing.

The church grew very rapidly in the span of years. People from all walks of life came to hear and see the word of God.

Saint Paul became the hub of believers to be fed, and for non-believers to capture the grace stone of belief. It has been since, its conception a model ministry for others to learn from and see how to operate in the Kingdom of God.

The 2000's with ever-developing technology and the need to have Christian education under one's tool belt, the Board of Trustees came together to plan again a new renovation to the church.

This time the new renovation would add on church offices and classrooms for Saint Paul.

In 2008, this renovation was completed and there was now space for the office management team, and classroom space for bible study groups, Sunday school and other spaces for children's church and other necessary small groups and activity. This was another addition to the plan that God had for us.

From 2008 forward the church continued to grow beyond the founders' imagination, but with the faith all in God's hands it was not a surprise. Bron CDC (Bringing Restoration & Opporunity Now) was founded in 2008, and later named St. Paul Christian Center and then the St. Paul Education Center. The center served as a HIV Case Management office. When God is in it, there is no limit. The church was and still is one big happy family and welcomes new people into this monumental cornerstone day after day. In 2012, the church administration worked hard to celebrate the Pastoral Anniversary of Dr. Robert L. Bronson for his dedicatory service in ministry. Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel International Fellowship. Paul S. Morton rendered service at the Cape Fear Conference B Headquarters.

In 2016, St. Paul underwent some challenges due to Hurrican Matthew. The church was decimated and had to be renovated and restored. With the help of FEMA, our office manager and other key people the church was restored to the edifice we enjoy today. Later in the year, Dr. Bronson retired from Pastoring and was granted the title "Pastor Emeritus" of Saint Paul Full Gospel Baptist Church. In 2017, Hurley B. Williams was named Pastor and carried the mantle until 2018.

In 2018, Elder Patrick L. Grace of Raeford, North Carolina was named Interim Pastor and permanent pastor in 2019.

Through the lens of Pastor Grace, many new ministries have been established such as the Media team, security team, guest services and SWAG Youth. Pastor Grace is a leader that is ready to engage saints that are old and new with innovative preaching and initiative, activities and civic engagement. Pastor Grace is married to the lovely Lady Latasha Grace who serves in many different capacities and has a big heart for the youth of the church. Together they have one son, Richard Grace.