Our Ministries and Departments 

Inspiring, Investing, and Impacting through small groups. 

Men of Standard‚Äč

The men of standard is an effective small group within the church to elevate, uphold and complete the total man. By teaching God's word and applying practical knowledge on how to live as a good man. (Proverbs 27:17) 

Women of Destiny

The women of destiny is an effective small group within the church for the fellowship, enhancement and education of women based off of biblical and practical principles. (Proverbs 31:30)

Deacon's Board 

The deacons of Saint Paul take care of the logistical, physical and spiritual needs from the community, the church and the pulpit. 

(1 Timothy 3:2)

Music and Arts 

The Music and Arts department is responsible for aiding participants into praise, worship and initmate moments with God through music and other forms of art. (Ephesians 5:19)

Audio, Visual, Media and Marketing

The AVMM team ensure that all sound and technological equipment around the facility is at standard and working properly for the performance and tasks of God to be carried out with ease. The team also provides correspondence to the community and to covenant partners about upcoming events, news updates and more. (Romans 12:2)

"Help One" Food Pantry

The food pantry department has one of the biggest roles in the community and in the church. It feeds over 100 families monthly by collecting and donating food to those in need. (Matthew 25:35) 

Good Life Seniors Ministry 

The Seniors Ministry enriches the life of seniors through biblical, yet practical principles, activities, events and trips. (Job 12:12)

Praise and Worship/Sanctuary Choir 

The Praise and Worship Team are the front liners of the church. Every Sunday and Thursday they lead the audience into realms that are chain breaking, healing and delivering dimensions. (1 Chronicles 16:23) 

Gospel Choir

The gospel choir is a group that ministers every 3rd Sunday and at the request of the senior pastor. This ensemble specializes in traditional gospel singing. (Psalm 96:1-2)

S.W.A.G Youth and Young Adults 

The youth and young adult ministry is one that provides programs, events, mentor-ships and services geared towards our younger audience, as they are today and tomorrow's church. (Psalm 127:3)

Christian Education 

The Christian Education Department is another learning tool used for the up building of God's kingdom. It is a one-on-one breakdown and dissect time in which people can learn God's word and apply it to everyday life. Sunday School starts at 8:30 am every Sunday. (Psalm 119:11)

Guest Services

The Guest Services team is the most important ministry in the Kingdom of God. The team includes ushers, door greeters, and hospitality services and the team is inevitably the first persons that anybody that walks through the doors of 602 Mann St. would meet. (Psalm 84:10)

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness provides tips, practices, and other opportunities to educate the Saint Paul and the surrounding community on Healthy lifestyles. (3 John 2:2)